Synth Patchers has one goal. To provide the parts and services needed to maintain and restore the world’s aging vintage synthesizer population.

In 2012 we began in Vancouver, Canada with one white face ARP Odyssey 2800. The synthesizer’s original factory sliders were in desperate need of tender loving care. Attempts to open the original factory sliders for cleaning proved to be impractical and unreliable. Some sliders had been opened before and were broken. Attempts to restore the original sliders by washing them caused serious and permanent damage. The cleaning not only washed the dirt away, it also washed what remained of the fragile resistive contact down the drain. The 40 year old sliders were rendered useless and the amazing ARP Odyssey synthesizer fell silent. A solution was clearly needed. It was time for new sliders!

An initial run of new ARP Odyssey sliders was made a available to select group of ARP synthesizer owners through online forums. These kits proved to be very popular and demand outpaced supply. The necessity to offer ARP Slider Kits through one centralized location became paramount. This is how Synth Patchers was born.

Today Synth Patchers provides replacement ARP Slider Kits for a wide range of ARP models. We also aim to continuously expand the solutions we offer to include many synthesizer brands, models, and categories. By meeting the current and future needs of our customers, Synth Patchers proudly restores the synthesizers of the past.

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