Customer Photos

Check out these great photos from Synth Patchers customers. These synths are looking good and sounding even better.

“I got my sliders this morning. Very impressed with the quality of the parts and speed of delivery. Best experience so far.” – Dakota, Ontario.

Model: ARP Odyssey mk I (Rare black face 2800)

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-8

“It is SO great that you did this. I hope to keep this synth running forever!” – Al, Wisconsin.

Model: ARP 2600

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-1

“It worked out great” – Peter, Spain.

Model: Linn LM-1 Drum Computer

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-11

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-12

“The sliders went in and are working fine.” – Joan, Ontario.

Model: ARP Keyboard 3620

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-9

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-10

“So finally I assembled the whole beauty, now “he” is ready. Sliders just like new.” – Artem, Moscow.

Model: ARP Odyssey Mk II

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-7

“My ARP sounds incredible thank you!!!” – Jacob, Maine.

Model: ARP Axxe

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-6

Model: ARP Odyssey mk I (Rare black face 2800) – Tony, Ontario.

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-5

Model: ARP Odyssey Mk II – Ernst, Netherlands.

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-4

“The Arp Axxe works like a charm now.” – Tomas, Sweden.

Model: ARP Axxe

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-2

Synth Patchers Customer Photo-3

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