ARP Slider Shafts




Slider Shafts for ARP Synthesizers.

Are your ARP Slider Shafts broken, worn, or even missing? If the slider body is still in good condition, replacing the shaft may be the solution for you. Synth Patchers has the ARP slider shafts you need to keep your ARP sliders looking and feeling like new.

ARP Slider Shafts from Synth Patchers are available in quantities of 5 or 10 pieces. Our ARP slider shafts are direct replacements for the original factory shafts. No modifications are required*. Order your ARP Slider Shafts today and experience your ARP synthesizer the way it was intended.

  • NEW! (Not new old stock or re-manufactured)
  • Direct replacement. No modifications required*
  • Available in quantities of 5 or 10 Shafts
  • Compatible with: Avatar, Axxe, Explorer I, Odyssey (All versions), Omni, Pro/DGX, Pro Soloist, Sequencer, 3620 Keyboard, Linn LM-1

* Minor adjustments to the shaft contacts may be required to ensure electrical continuity across the entire track length. This is common and normal.
* Installation requires the original slider be removed from the circuit board, opened, and reassembled. This is a very delicate process that can potentially cause permanent and irreparable damage to the slider and/or synthesizer. If you are not comfortable working with vintage slide potentiometers please seek the assistance of a qualified technician.
* Replacing the slider shaft does not guarantee restoration or improvement of the sliders’ functionality. This is due to the age and condition of the original slider body. If you are unsure if replacing the shaft will restore the functionality of a questionable slider it is best to replace the entire slider. Replacement ARP Slider Kits are available ARP Slider Kits”>here.
* Installation requires experience with soldering and electronics. Electricity can be deadly. If you are not comfortable please seek the assistance of a qualified technician.

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