ARP Slider Survival Kit – 10 Pieces

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Are your ARP sliders dirty, crackly, inaccurate, or unstable? Replace them with new ones!

The ARP Slider Survival Kit from Synth Patchers comes with an assorted set of 10 slide potentiometers. Our slider kits are direct replacements for the original factory sliders. No modifications are required to the slider or your instrument. Order your ARP Slider Survival Kit today and experience your ARP the way it was intended.

  • NEW! (Not new old stock or re-manufactured)
  • Direct replacement. No modifications required
  • Compatible with: Avatar, Axxe, Explorer I, Odyssey (All versions), Omni, Pro/DGX, Pro Soloist, Sequencer, 3620 Keyboard.
  • Kit Includes: 4 x 100K Linear Odyssey style sliders, 4 x 100K Audio Odyssey style sliders, 2 x 1Meg Audio Odyssey style sliders.

* Installation requires experience with soldering and electronics. Electricity can be deadly. If you are not comfortable please seek the assistance of a qualified technician.

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